Addressing Challenges to Growth, Security, and Stability

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Addressing Challenges to Growth, Security, and Stability

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In his speech, “Addressing Challenges to Growth, Security, and Stability,” President Malpass discussed how conflict, COVID-19, and climate change have created unprecedented challenges for developing countries, hurting the poorest and most vulnerable people and communities. He outlined how, moving forward, crisis recovery and longer-term development requires economic transformation, investment in human capital, and security and stability underpinned by support from the international community.

This speech was broadcast live from Poland, a country that has taken in over 2.3 million Ukrainian refugees fleeing war.

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Use the following timestamps to navigate through the different sections of the video.

00:00 Welcome! Addressing Challenges to Growth, Security and Stability
02:50 Opening remarks by the Rector of the Warsaw School of Economics
11:01 Scene-Setter Speech by World Bank Group President David Malpass
31:05 Panel discussion
1:00:25 Audience Q&A



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