Gender Equality and Development +10: Looking Back to Spring Forward

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Gender Equality and Development +10: Looking Back to Spring Forward

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Did you know that 2022 marks 10 years since the publication of the World Bank Group’s World Development Report 2012: Gender Equality and Development? Over the last decade, progress has been achieved in several key areas: maternal mortality has decreased by around 10 percent. Three quarters of all girls are now in secondary school. The Women, Business and the Law index shows that women’s economic rights have improved, and there are now more women than ever before in national parliaments across the globe. However, significant gender gaps persist in labor force participation, pay, child and elder care responsibilities, and leadership roles. Globally, violence against women and girls persists as well. The COVID-19 global pandemic has further exacerbated these longstanding challenges.

The World Bank Group’s yearlong Gender Equality and Development +10: Accelerate Equality initiative will launch with this kick-off “Looking Back to Spring Forward” event, which will explore the important progress made and lessons learned from the implementation of policy reforms and projects over the last 10 years. The discussion also will center on new ideas and aspirations for the next 10 years. Panelists will reflect on the implications of some of the most pressing global challenges on the prospects for achieving gender equality.

Use the following timestamps to navigate different sections of the video.

00:00 Welcome! Gender Equality and Development +10
04:35 Opening remarks: Looking back to spring forward
11:49 Gender equality into the center of development policy dialogue
19:53 Improving productivity of women-owned enterprises
28:23 Effective approaches to changing social norms regarding the role of women
34:37 Curbing domestic violence and combatting gender-based violence
41:28 What is the World Bank doing to accelerate gender equality?
44:43 How to mobilize revenue and prioritize expenditure in a gender-responsive manner
51:47 Making public finance responsive to gender issues
58:39 Gender equality and women’s empowerment at the core of national strategies
1:02:10 Partnerships: Helping governments in client countries to narrow gender gaps
1:06:55 Integrating gender equality into fiscal policy and budget analysis
1:11:57 Better utilization of women’s human capital in the private sector
1:17:03 The role of the international sector in gender equality and women’s empowerment
1:26:44 Supporting women’s and girls’ empowerment more effectively
1:33:04 Addressing social norms and the transformation toward gender equality
1:42:03 Closing remarks



Read the chat below!

Read the chat below

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With the year-long #AccelerateEquality initiative the World Bank Group reflects on the past ten years and the relevance of the WDR2012 report in the current context. 
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